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Nadim Shaikli wrote:

>--- Riyad Preukschas <rpreukschas at web dot de> wrote:
>>Today I made another step in developing a Quran application.
>>This app is fully written in Java and uses the arabeyes.org Quran 
>>project's data files (although I must admit I applied tiny modifications 
>>to them, see readme.txt for more information).
>>It supports navigation through the Quran text and language switching.
>>The point I'm most proud of is: recitation is working.
>Great.  I reiterate my earlier questions though of why you didn't take
>up Arabeyes' offer to host this project and build upon what is already
>in Arabeyes' CVS (there is already a Java application there being worked
>on my Mr. Ahmed El-Helw).
>  http://cvs.arabeyes.org/viewcvs/projects/quran/jquran/
>Are you adamant about not doing this on Arabeyes ?  And how do your
>plans (and implementation goals) differ from those that relate to the
>Java client being worked-on on Arabeyes ?  Have you talked to Ahmed
>about his plans in hopes of working together ?
>>btw2: All links referring to http://mhdyousif.hypermart.net/<whatever>
>>       urls on the arabeyes Quran project's site are not working.
>Mohammed.Yousif, could you please resolve this ASAP and upload all
>screenshots (from now forth) to art.arabeyes.org (you can upload
>using the following URL  art.arabeyes.org/upload  while using user/pass
>of 'arabeyes/arabeyes').
> - Nadim
I have the some problème with  webquran  (quran.linuxtunisie.com) , i 'am not
exactly in same problematic
because my application is not an client side application but a server
application and it  dosen't use libquran
because i use php, is possible to write an php mod that use libquran but i think
is  better to use an mysql db
than xml file data source,  i use also  speex  file   that  are  palyed using an
 java applet   : the client can
listen to quran whithout having the speex codec on his computer ( it must  have
an JRE (1.3.1  or later on his PC))
if there person who are interest on this code (java + sql + php + javascript +
html : quran.linuxtunisie.com )
i can  upload an zip file on quran.linuxtunisie.com site