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Re: PuTTY Testing

> >   :Here are some Random words -- 3ashwa2eya Kalimat
> "per what one would expect" <-- whats that mean ?
> thats what u expect, or thats what it actually looks like ?

That's what it actually needs to look like.

i checked my Implementation... i dont think it was typed correctly... see below

As noted on IRC, there are instances when the '-' is in the wrong
location.  Plus it would be best to use the following test file in
addition to using Fribidi's test-file,


my Bidi is 100% (probably 99%) compliant to the "Refrence Code" and using FriBidi's tests and results, everything went well, with CapRTL.

the only problem is that the results from the Refrence Code and
fribidi's test files are different (in some cases) from this webpage

so, which one should i consider the Standard ?
behdad ?
are FriBidi's test files (and their results) the way to go ? or that page ?


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