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Re: PuTTY Testing

--- Omar Abo-Namous <merlin12345 at gmx dot de> wrote:
> 1. cursor stays left, when typing arabic, should this be so?

I believe this relates to what is termed 'escape sequence' characters
and that is a large'ish can of worms (which I know very little about).
Google for it - here's a link that lists 'em,


Ahmad, you might want to peruse what mlterm.sf.net does to deal with
them.  As noted I don't think this is a priority now until we fix
the few issues noted and we get the patch adopted and get more eyes
looking into this code and its missing functionality (this is something
Simon and gang should very much be involved in).

> 2. i'm having still problems deleting single alphabets, it kinda
> deletes a whole word

As noted our initial goal was to get putty to simply display Arabic.
Once that is done properly (and we are DAMN CLOSE), all the control/escape 
sequence characters and their ilk will have to be dealt with (so that
vim/emacs/mutt/etc can work within putty).  The likes of "ESC [ ? 6 h
(relative origin), ESC [ ? 6 l (absolute origin)" etc will need to be

The escape/control sequences will need to be run through Bidi as well
which I'm gathering isn't happening now (and that, in my book, for now
is OK for what its worth).

BTW: not sure if BiCon deals with ESC sequences as well, there might
     be a knowledge base there.


 - Nadim

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