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Re: Arabize 0.1

On Sab, 2004-03-20 at 19:51, Ahmad Kamal wrote:
> Well this is really cool. I am not really sure if I am going to
> continue the development of Arabize after the 'Input Method' was
> written, or not. Anyway, it would be interesting if someone would

The input method I posted was for Gtk+ only. Maybe you can extend
Arabize to some general input method like what xcin (Chinese) and kinput
(Japanese) do.

btw, I'm not sure that Gtk+ input method engine can do what Behdad
suggested (receive 2 keystrokes, eg. m and a, then write meem with a

>  explain to me the rules with which a program can understand
> transliterated words, for example 
> 'yaqumu' 
> why shouldn't the program put a 'waw' after the 'meem'? What are the rules here? How can it understand this is 'tashkeel'?
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