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Arabize 0.1

Dear all

I have a written a new c++ program to join the Arabic programs
arsenal helping Linux users. The program is called "Arabize", it helps u
type Arabic quickly by using English keys (Transliteration for those familiar with the term), and converts them to true Arabic typing. The attached picture should be clearer.

I wish to host Arabize development at www.arabeyes.org. I was advised to discuss it here with you. The project aims to be a standalone transliteration library and should also provide frontends (QT & CLI only for now, but probably GTK as well) to the library.

In the future, I will probably work on more integration, with desktop environments. I am thinking about integrating with klipper, so u copy n paste the text again, to find it transliterated. That way, it is almost transparent to the user.

Currently, ver-0.1 is ready. The basic library is ready and the QT version works. Please be noted though, that I cannot guarantee future development as I dont have as much free time as I'd like. But I definetly want to work on it.

One last thing, some people think transliteration is dead, and nearly everyone can type Arabic as fast as English! At least this really doesn't work for me, whenever I want to write more than one line of Arabic, I fire Arabize (the Win ver I wrote 4 years ago). Let me know what u think of transliteration.

Best regards

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