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Re: quran.ar.xml in free midp java application

--- Mahmoud <mahmoud at gangat dot com> wrote:
> I build a beta version of my mobile pocket quran program
> using these files. You could see it at :
> Do you have advanced in the review of the quran arabic XML file ?

I'm forwarding this email to the developer list as all those involved
in various application developments within the Quran project (QT, GTK,
Java, etc) in this topic reside there.  As far as I know the Quran text
(and fonts) are NOT YET ready for review (Mohammed.Yousif, when ?).  We
already have (again, as far as I remember - yet I am NOT responsible for
this) a couple of places that might review our text once completed.

Mahmoud, I will not answer any more personal emails - subscribe to the
'general' or 'developer' list and post there.


 - Nadim

> -----Message d'origine-----
> De : Nadim Shaikli [mailto:shaikli at yahoo dot com] 
> Envoy? : samedi 1 novembre 2003 23:19
> --- Mahmoud <mahmoud at gangat dot com> wrote:
> > Could i use the file quran.ar.xml from libquran in a free midp java
> > application (for a gsm nokia 7650) ?
> We can't give you this permission as we are unsure of the XML file's
> contents.  We are not sure that what has been uploaded is free of
> ta7reef.  We are actively pursuing a proper authority and/or a committee
> to review that file (and the various translations that were gotten from
> the web) and require all the help we can get (no one has committed
> to help us yet).
> If you are interested in lending a hand, please look into our 'general'
> mailing-list's archives and suggest a possible means to insure proper
> content.
>   http://www.arabeyes.org/mailinglists.php
>   http://lists.arabeyes.org/archives/general/2003/October/msg00197.html
> Salam & Ramadan Kareem.
>  - Nadim

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