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Re: bidi text printing

--- ahmad khalifa <ahmadkhalifa at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> With a program like paps (check Dov's post) and most programs
> printing... Is it important to have lp, lpr shape and bidi
> arabic text. even though i could get a program like paps to
> convert the text to .ps with 1 command ?

As discussed on IRC, it is best to get proper support within
the application itself (it ensures longevity in the support
among many other things).  Newbies for one will not seek out
"alternate" solutions (nor will non-hackers and business-type
users) so it would be best to have it supported from the get-go
natively within the popular applications.

> I'm new to linux (so go easy on me) and I can't understand
> the need for such a primitive application like 'lp' needing
> to address international issues, if it can be done by using
> a higher level format...

There will always be demand for lp/lpr (and look into something
called 'enscript') since the command-line and the terminal
emulator will never disappear.


 - Nadim

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