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Re: Arabize 0.1

This thing should be implemented as an Input Method with lots of
frameworks are already in place...


On Tue, 16 Mar 2004, Ahmad Kamal wrote:

> Dear all
>       I have a written a new c++ program to join the Arabic programs
> arsenal helping Linux users. The program is called "Arabize", it helps u
> type Arabic quickly by using English keys (Transliteration for those
> familiar with the term), and converts them to true Arabic typing. The
> attached picture should be clearer.
> I wish to host Arabize development at www.arabeyes.org. I was advised to
>   discuss it here with you. The project aims to be a standalone
> transliteration library and should also provide frontends (QT & CLI only
> for now, but probably GTK as well) to the library.
> In the future, I will probably work on more integration, with desktop
> environments. I am thinking about integrating with klipper, so u copy n
> paste the text again, to find it transliterated. That way, it is almost
> transparent to the user.
> Currently, ver-0.1 is ready. The basic library is ready and the QT
> version works. Please be noted though, that I cannot guarantee future
> development as I dont have as much free time as I'd like. But I
> definetly want to work on it.
> One last thing, some people think transliteration is dead, and nearly
> everyone can type Arabic as fast as English! At least this really
> doesn't work for me, whenever I want to write more than one line of
> Arabic, I fire Arabize (the Win ver I wrote 4 years ago). Let me know
> what u think of transliteration.
> Best regards