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Re: PuTTY Bidi - final points

I'd guess we can look into making that space a zero-width character
and play with that concept.

do u mean a char of type NSM ..? or ZWNJ.. ? i could try changing the ALEF to NSM and report what happens in the version that has the Bidi Refrence code...

Ouch !!  I would guess we can simply ask for that "wishlist" item to
be elevated from a medium priority to maximum (unless someone is willing
to shed some light on what is needed to make it happen).  A quick note,
from what I've seen other applications do, the number of composing
characters that most allow is 2.  I believe that is the maximum number
that all languages use/require (so I'm unsure of the statement I read
on the link above that notes, "PuTTY should support an arbitrary sequence
of diacritics in any character cell").

How big a task is this..? i could pursue this, if given some help...


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