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I have just implemented ACL (Access Control Lists) for our CVS repository.
What this means is that not everyone with write access will be able to write
to just about any part of the repository.

I have taken the list of contributors and maintainers from the project
pages (if yours is not updated, now is a good time to do so) and added those
individuals there. If your name is not on a project's page, you don't have
access to that project's module.

"What if I just want to make a quick fix to some project I am not listed 
under?" -- very simple. You submit a patch via bugzilla [1]. If the
maintainer of that project wants you to have access to his module, he can
request it and it shall be.

"What about all this talk of translators seamlessly going from one module to
the next?" -- you are right. They still can. The translate/ (and everything
under it) is not impacted by this change and anyone with write access can
commit to it.

"So why all of this all of a sudden?" -- not really all of a sudden. There were
incidents in the past where people didn't appreciate others stepping into
their "territory". There were also incidents where people committed to 
sensitive modules like CVSROOT/ (to fix things, etc. -- all with good
intentions -- there was never a case of malice). Consider this to be
'preventive medicine' ;)

From your friendly CVS Administrator.

[1] http://bugs.arabeyes.org/
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