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Re: duali development

On Fri, Jun 25, 2004 at 03:38:12PM -0700, maysara a wrote:
> well, I've been trying lately to understand the way
> duali works, because i cant know what u had/have in
> your mind to implement, and couldn't really find good
> documentation and don't know python, i couldn't really

You don't have to know Python to read it and know what I was thinking ;)
Okay, seriously though, you are right -- it is not easy to figure out
where the project is heading and where it is trying to head out.
However, some of the links on the Duali project page should be able to
help you out, like this post [1] and this data sample [2]. Looking
through the thread and links associated with it will give you a clear
understanding of where I am trying to end up with Duali.

> understand it , but i supposed , after having a look
> at the stems, prefixes and suffixes files , i guessed
> that it simply tries to find if theses fit together
> for some word.

That is the only work-around I can do, given that I don't have the data
set I need to implement duali the "proper" way. It's sort of a temporary

> I'm influenced by the idea of a morphological analyzer
> that can make a spell checker as a by-product -this

Yes, that is exactly how I think of it.

> was your note sometime ago- and in addition be very
> useful for further analysis,(ie if a grammatical
> checker is to be built some time later).

> me with two of my colleges, we managed in building a
> morphological analyzer that is able to analyze verbs
> and some nouns which are -mushtaka- and tell some
> possibilities of the input word , being a verb , type
> of it such as past, present or imperative, some
> information about the suffixes and prefixes, the root
> of the words stem and its "wazen", and of course
> checked if those prefix,stem,suffix go along
> together.-it will joint the OpenSource and
> FreeSoftware sometime soon*- of course a lot of

That does indeed sound exciting ;)

> problem are there, some "elaal" and "ibdal" problems
> aren't solved yet, and the system accepts word that
> are basically right but are eather not used or have
> some conflicts regarding "lozoom" and "ta'di" , and
> above all it works only on a subset of the Arabic
> language.

The problem you are facing is probably the lack of a complete and
comprehensive corpus.

> sorry for writing too much , but this might* be a
> proposal for developping duali or starting a
> morphological analyzer, otherwise all I'm saying is,
> please we need a good documentation for duali , and of
> what the vision is about how it should work.

I can tell you that I 120391239% welcome _all_ contributions ;) I think
we can both work on documenting the vision, since both of us seem to be
looking at the same concept.

> *it wasnt me alone who coded the analyzer, so im not
> the only one to decide, but the idea is simple and can
> be implemented from scratch.

Well, tell your colleagues to join us in this discussion. I am always
eager to find people working on things that are along the same interests
as mine (which, believe me, is very rare) ;)


[1] http://lists.arabeyes.org/archives/doc/2002/November/msg00031.html
[2] http://noc-webserver.iam.net.ma/~kebdani1/duali/

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