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Re: gettext, bidi and Tcl/Tk Application :-(

Hello Mohamed, 

Am 2004-06-26 16:37:47, schrieb Mohammed Sameer:
>sorry for being late.

>I think you should use the CVS, 0.3.5 is buggy as hell.

And you tell me this now !  :-/
What about removing this wonderfull crashing version ?

>if the CVS is still crashing, please tell me.

Right !!!

>if you have problems compiling it, please tell me!
>Do you need a deb for the CVS ?

Yes please...

>I think I can cook one for you ;)

Thanks, I have friends in Marrakech but they 
are only $USER not developpers or admins... 

They do the Translation of my fvwm theme and menus

They can't work with such program.

I think, it is time to ge6t Katoob running corectly :-)


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