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Re: gettext, bidi and Tcl/Tk Application :-(

Am 2004-06-23 10:45:06, schrieb Mohammed Sameer:

>heh, google

Had not found...
Only questions but no real answers...


>didn't find resources about the fribidi things.

Furtunatly I have gotten my Tcl Apps to talk arabic :-)

>-- Katoob Main Developer

Hey fine...
Can I blame you ?

Because I can not use kbabel to translate po files, 
I use 'katoob' it is realy cool and I like, 
but it crash all the time.

Whenever I trandlate a "msgstr" I must save it, 
otherwiese after 4 or 5 lines translated it crashs

Do you have a special DEBUG version ?

I am using a Pention II wit 333 MHz and 128 MB of memory 
running fvwm 2.5.10 as backport unter WOODY 3.0r2


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