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Re: duali suggestion generation

On Fri, Jun 25, 2004 at 12:31:11PM -0700, maysara a wrote:
> salam all,
> i was wondering when the generation of suggestions in
> duali would be implemented , is it a problem of time
> or is an algorithm missing ?

It is not implemented.

> well , if the problem is the alg.some idea came up
> which might help , its basically checking how much
> percent of characters in a wrong word are common with
> a right one , its a bad alg. "time wise" if its
> implemented in a recursive way , but i found some alg.
> that uses dynamic programming concept to solve the
> problem faster , and it finds the longest common
> non-contiguous string , so i guess that might help.

Please do share ;) I haven't given this a lot of thought -- mostly
because the current duali implementation is not what I had in mind for
duali. Unfortunately the data set required to implement the algorithms I
have in mind (some of which are implemented but useless without the
data) is not available and not easy to create.
> also some time ago an announcement was made that duali
> is going to be written in c/c++ , i was wondering
> where this is standing.(wish duali was written in c++)

Yes, this is being worked on. Currently MYousif is getting rid of some
of the dependencies in order to continue work with an absolute minimum
set of dependencies.

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