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Re: ITL php code

--- Omar Abo-Namous <merlin12345 at gmx dot de> wrote:
> i've been looking into the whole php-library thing the last two days
> or so, but come up with nothing really useful.... i'm not used to
> makefiles, 'building' and so on...

Sounds like you are asking for some help :-)  Can anyone familiar with
PHP and its dl() present Omar with a solution in which the ITL library
is loaded (in its C format) and is made accessible to some PHP widget ?

> as of now, i've downloaded the php-source and cygwin (which i don't know
> exactly what it does except for porting some unix-tools to windows (grep)).
> I've tried reading the directives by php.net on how to compile a library,
> but that didn't get me anywhere.

You should really consider moving (or at least have a secondary partition)
to linux.  Cygwin ought to work just as well (although I have no direct
experience on it and certainly not with web-related applications) to
compile source, etc.

> i think it is more efficient to keep the php-files updated. I can take
> this challenge, it's not very difficult to translate from c to php..

Its not a question of efficiency as much as keeping with the idiom of
how libraries should be used.  This might be difficult to figure out,
but once done you'd have 2 options with which to proceed.

Thamer, any thought to including Swig interface files - you for it,
against it, indifferent ?  Should simple enough (even trivial) to do.

Omar, don't give up and learn something new (there are people on this
list that can help :-)


 - Nadim

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