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ITL revisited

Thamer, as promised ITL is now 2 packages.  The dir you are very familiar
with (ie. itl/libs) is now 100% library and we could package and release
it as 'ITL-lib' in the future.  I've moved all the user files to the
itl/programs/itools dir (which we can package as 'ITL-tools' or 'ITL-apps').
I also made sure all the source files had the proper headers (per Arabeyes'
guideline) as well as encoding (do please be careful when you save files in
windows or better yet never develop on it :-)

Things we need to look into (Samy, I hope you are reading this :-)

 - Adding autoconf to the itl/programs/itools (I'll look into this)
 - Adding the option for users to compile a non-shared ITL library (Samy ?)
 - The "akemsalatak" GUI needs attention as it hasn't been touch in months,
   as such someone should contact Mr. Twaijry (anyone in .sa ??)
 - We really need someone to look into and correct the messy code in the
   umm_alqurra.c (in itl/libs/hijri/src) or at a min find us a detailed
   document on how the algorithm is supposed to work (we are NOT looking
   for mere references or mentions of books, but actual details and/or
   scanned pages or details/exact page/book references).
 - We should import Abdulhaq's kprayertime code into the itl/programs dir
   if he so desires :-)



 - Nadim

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