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Re: debian/rules packaging problems

On Sat, 2004-07-10 at 18:26, Michelle Konzack wrote:

> But some peoples do not like to install the BIG Packages because of small 
> Telephone lines :-(  They like to install only some fonts and not ALL. 

That may be true, then again, this is one package. There are more to
come and as have been agreed, they will be labeled, *-pack# (where the
current one being ttf-arabeyes-pack1). 

> Oh yes, I have more then 140 arabic and farsi fonts found...
> As packages maybe 60 MByte and installed around 180 MBytes !!!

Really? Are they all GPL'ed? URL's?

> OK, I have tried to get the answer here, but now I will.
> ask on debian-devel where I am since some years.

Apologies -- I've only done the "usual" packaging and nothing fancy, but
I would love to know the answer to it though ;)

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