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Re: debian/rules packaging problems

Salam Nadim, 

Am 2004-07-09 22:54:21, schrieb Nadim Shaikli:

>Will do - I will also look at the package and try to script the creation
>of one in the future (to feel the pain :-).  Mind you one can always create
>a package per sub-dir, ie. a package for AAHS, for Kasr, for Shmookh, etc.

This is what I have done, but the fist Pakage in the debian/control 
goes into debian/tmp instead of debian/xfonts-arabeyes1-aahs. 

Do I miss a Flag/Option to 'dh_installdirs' ?

Note, that all six Packages from ae_fonts1_ttf_1.0.tab.bz2 are created 
correctly and usable after installation... 

Unfortunatly I have gotten no correct answer to my original posting. 
It will be better if someone with experience in debhelper can help 
me to avoid futur problems in creating multiple *.deb from one source.

> - Nadim

Thanks and nice weekend to all

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