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Re: Arabeyes Fonts in RPM

On Fri, 2004-07-09 at 21:12, Sherif Abdelgawad wrote:

> I agree with ElZubeir. For Fedora there is already "fonts-arabic"
> RPM which has the KCAST fonts. I belive we should submite Arabeyes
> fonts to be included as well, maybe "arabic-fonts" should have
> both.  I updated the bugzilla to see if Owen can review arabeyes
> fonts so it can be included in the package.

Not unless you want arabic-fonts to be a meta-package which includes
both packages. However, since both are their own packages and both are
released separately it would be a maintenance nightmare to do both in
one rpm package. I suggest arabic-fonts package is renamed to ttf-kacst
and the Arabeyes font to ttf-arabeyes (or however RH/Fedora likes to
call ttf font packages). I'm not sure if RH/Fedora have the concept of
meta packages, but if they do, it would be nice to then have an
'arabic-fonts' meta package.

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