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Re: Have a look: Interview with Shachar Shemesh

On Yaum al-Jumma 21 Jumaada al-Awal 1425 06:15 pm, Muhammad Alkarouri wrote:

> > Well, Can any one point me to whatever app in whichever platform built on
> > cutever or getikever that implements this properly.
> I don't think any app does check that this is 'an English sentence, with
> an occasional Hebrew word' rather than 'a Hebrew sentence, with an
> occasional English word' before typing the full sentence, so it is not
> exactly done like that. But the general context can specify the general
> direction of the sentence from a higher level protocol. His words here
> serve as a very general intro, but are probably not accurate.
> If you like this type of thing, tell me what's your opinion of
> http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=18024
> because to find an app that implements this properly, you have to define
> 'properly' first.

I don't think I am going to read all that bug details in the near future but I 
will be happy to add it to the wiki ;)

But I will try to be more accurate giving the first basic examples form 
Unicode itself:
Example 2 (embedding level = 1)
Memory:              car MEANS CAR.
Resolved levels:     22211111111111
Reverse level 2:     rac MEANS CAR.
Reverse levels 1-2:  .RAC SNAEM car

Well, Can any one point me to whatever app in whichever distro built on 
cutever or getikever or motiver that implements this? ;)

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