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Re: ITL minor todos

--- Thamer Mahmoud <neokuwait at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> Nadim Shaikli writes:
>  > 
>  >  2. We need a prim and proper libitl.1 manpage.
> Unfortunately, I will be traveling away from my computer for the next
> 2-4 weeks starting in a few hours form now. I could write something in
> a net cafe (but not in "man page" format) and email it to you.

Sure, please do - I can deal with the troff stuff, no problem.  The
content is what I'm after.

> There are two problems however:
> - I'm not really sure whether i will be producing something in an
> acceptable time frame (i.e. in few days, or more, I don't know).

I'll wait in any regard :-)

> - I won't be able to research anything from a net cafe. Therefore, i
> probably wouldn't write proper documentation for the hijri algorithms
> used. I'll do the prayer part of the documentation from anywhere :).

That's a start - worse come to worse, we'll simply ship with the
prayertime docs intact.

>  > (try to see what other
>  > libraries include in their manpages and do the same).
> - Any specific examples? Also, would you please explain more on this?
>   is a doxeygen format is needed (per the developer guide)?

I was told 'libpcre' (among others) is a decent example to look at.
Again, at this point (and due to your travels), we can simply have
minimal documentation and then augment it in the next release.  The
point is to have something as  a place-holder and to establish an
expectation of its existance.


 - Nadim

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