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Re: Putty: Meeting With Simong, our Plan

Do I assume on irc.freenode.net #arabeyes ? Also, it would be nice if
all communication with Simon regarding Putty would be Cc'd to the
'developer' list (and ask him to Cc as well) just in case someone wants
to jump in to the discussion ;)

yeah that will be on the #arabeyes, i will ask him to cc to developer list during the meeting, even if he forgets i can forward whatever he emails me to the list for documentation .

Awesome. Too bad I most likely won't be able to attend.. man, I need a
home internet connection :( Please save an irc log to publish later just
for those who won't be able to show up. I am very interested.

i was goning to do that, and may be summrize the meeting in points to make it easy .. i think the first choice is better, it is better to have the original text than someone's understanding :)


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