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Putty: Meeting With Simong, our Plan

salam all,
Tomorow tues. the 27th @ 20:00 GMT, Simon (Putty's author) will join us on IRC to discuss the changes regarding Putty's bidi bug. The main theme is creating 2 data containers as mentioned earilar and to apply some of the functions offered by FriBidi and shaping code (written by Uniball).

Joining us online will help the discussion and enriches it with ideas and suggestions. Also it will be nice to let ppl know how strong this project is and how dedicated ppl we have :)
thanks and have a good one.

P.S. this email is mainly for documentation, ur participation is appriciated

Musab Basil Al Rawi
M.Sc., Software Design Methodology
Mobile # +971 50 367 0624
Phone # +971 6 556 3436

-The Glory Is not In Never Falling Down, But In Raising EveryTime You Fall Down.

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