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Re: Quran project suggestions (was - Things...)

--- Riyad Preukschas <rpreukschas at web dot de> wrote:
> >  + Quran certification - any organization/entity willing to do it ?
> >    => Ossama, OTHERS ?
> I thought one could improve the structure of the quran.xx.xml files.
> Especially the provided meta data (author, translator, source (book, 
> organisation, university, etc.), "digitalizer", something you can report 
> mistakes to, a validating hash, etc.) ... just things that make the 
> source more reliable.
> Also one could enhance the data by marking the name of God or use 
> different attributes for the (arabic or transliterated) sura name and 
> the sura name translation.
> I made a sample of how a future quran.xx.xml could look like: 
> http://www.includeme.ma.cx/kuran/libislam/libislam_1_draft.xml .

You really need to get a hold of Mohammed Yousif to get a reaction from
him on this - he seems to be in and out often and the best way to get
a hold of him is to post here and address him directly (I'm hoping this
will get a reaction from him).  If all of this sits well with him we can
get you a CVS account and you can be on your way to make these suggestions
a reality.

> I also thought about extending libquran to something like libislam.
> I thought of adding things like hadith, du'a and (often used) islamic 
> phrases to the library.

Yup, a number of people have thought the same thing - not sure what came
of it though (again, Mohammed Yousif holds all the answers as he has been
the project's maintainer/coordinator).
> >  + Quran project GUI ?
> >    => Maher
> I am working on one. I don't know whether you will like it or not 
> (screen shots: http://www.includeme.ma.cx/kuran/c++/screenshots/ ).
> It's based on the arabeyes libquran data files, but i wrote my own 
> library. I have written 3 different ones one for KDE, one for .NET and 
> one for Java (currently under construction).
> (get test versions: http://www.includeme.ma.cx/kuran/ )
> But I think I'll only continue work on the Java version (if I get the 
> speex stuff running).

Great stuff, I highly recommend you coordinate on Maher on his work to
see how best to fold in your code/changes/ideas so we have a single
effort going forward with possibly multiple people working on it.  Again
if Maher is OK with all of this and there is agreement, we can get you
started with a CVS account and have you upload your code.  Do please
take a look at what's there now and critique the GUI to see how best to
proceed (start a complete new thread on that subject if you can).

Its great to see all of this work and we hope to continue to see more of
ya, do please stay diligent on this topic and try to fold-in your code,
suggestions and work into the project's mainstream.


 - Nadim

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