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RE: putty help.?

--- Musab Al-Rawi <musab_rawi at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> now we need to stop windows from doing shaping to the letters, why , well 
> one of the reasons is that becuz putty is going to be multi-platform 
> application and in order to do so it has to take care of shaping itself 
> instead of relaying on windows to do so. NOW HOW, well as u might have found 
> in the archives i am trying to do so (in the window.c) using a wrapping 
> function, so far i am not able to do so ..

Musab, a potential person you can email (while still undertaking your own
tests/trials) and ask for insight would be Wine's developer (as recently
posted here by Isam) Shachar Shemesh <shachar at shemesh dot biz> since he
has certainly dealt with all these issues and/or at a min has peered over


 - Nadim

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