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RE: putty help.?

Mr. Ahmad,
thanks alot for helping.. sure 2 heads will think better than one :) ....
there is one thing that i have to point; the code in the CVS is old and changed i mean it was an expiermintal thing that Mr. Kamal did more than a year back.. so may be u need to get the original code from the putty web site which is listed in the putty's notes.

i am not sure if u read that latest objectives which were set based on the weeting with Mr. Simon (putty's author); btw u can find these notes in the developer's archives, Mr. Nadim explianed them neatly so please take a look at them if u haven't yet,

now we need to stop windows from doing shaping to the letters, why , well one of the reasons is that becuz putty is going to be multi-platform application and in order to do so it has to take care of shaping itself instead of relaying on windows to do so. NOW HOW, well as u might have found in the archives i am trying to do so (in the window.c) using a wrapping function, so far i am not able to do so .. there is something that may be will work and i will work on tonight.. take a look at the code in the window.c file we need to call the wrappiong function instead of calling ExtTextOut() directly.

BTW can u come online to #arabeyes, it will make life easier to talk to u online.
thanks again and looking forward to work with u

Musab Basil Al Rawi
Mobile # +971 50 367 0624

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From: "ahmad khalifa" <ahmadkhalifa at hotmail dot com>
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Subject: putty help.?
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 2004 07:01:34 +0000

well, from the mailing list archives, i think i should be talking to mr. musab about PuTTy....

so, mr. musab, if you would like the extra help with PuTTy, just tell me what you need...

i downloaded the code from the Original website and araveyes' CVS...
i looked into the original code and modified p_write() to pass D8 chars and chars > 127 instead
of converting them to "<D8>" and it shows arabic strings well shaped, only if i force the
window to redraw(dunno y...)

so whatever i can do, just tell me...

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