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remastering morphix

salamz......thank u for ur reply......i have remastered knoppix cd .....but as u said arabbix is morphix based then plz tell me can it be remastered too ? and is the procedure same as knoppix...and if not could u plz tell me where to get the tutorial for not...if that too is not avalable can u plz tell Anmar to write one ?
thank u ....mubeen

From: Mohammed Elzubeir <elzubeir at arabeyes dot org>
Reply-To: Development Discussions <developer at arabeyes dot org>
To: Development Discussions <developer at arabeyes dot org>
Subject: Re: bidi support
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 2004 17:21:29 +0400

On Sat, 2004-02-07 at 16:53, Chaudhary arian wrote:
> salamz ...thank u for ur reply....i have got a knoppix cd with me and i want


> to ask is
> 1) is there any way i can add bidi as well as arabic support in it ? ie is
> there any detailed how to or tutorial of doing this ...i know arabbix has
> done it (and it is knoppix based ) so i want to know basically how to
> implement it myself as a learning project....plz give me any urlz if u may
> have ...

Arabbix is NOT Knoppix based. The first version was, later versions are
not. It is based on Morphix.

We have been harassing Anmar to add documentation about those very same
things you are referring to, so it is somewhere down his todo list. You
can always contribute to the harassment and ask him again ;)

> 2) can kde based packages for example kedit and koffice be incorporated in
> gnome environment without downloading whole of kde distro ? and vice versa

Yes, it is very possible of course. The only dependencies would be the
qt library and kde base libraries (whichever they are).

P.S. This should really be in 'general' and not 'developer'.


Mohammed Elzubeir

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