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RE: putty help.?


well, YOU found it yourself on MSDN, just give ExtTextOut the flag ....GLYPH.... (i dont remember
what it was)... didnt that work...??
please check the link and the included links in the that page..

whats the wrapping function ??
it is a function that we create, then we call it instead of calling ExtTextOut(), to pass our parameters,i.e the ones we want to pass.

yeah sure i'll be there... at 22:00 GMT tonight to meet with mr. arafat medini, if you can come
a little later, or maybe some other day if you can't...
sorry i couldn't join u, usually i am online about 4am GMT sometimes 12pm GMT depends on the ability to do so.. do u join regularly? i will try to be online tonight at 2am GMT

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