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Re: [mule-aist:01306] Re: Fwd: Re: a software library for multilingualisation

--- TAKAHASHI Naoto <ntakahas at m17n dot org> wrote:
> Ossama Khayat writes:
> What do you mean by 'this script'?  Do you mean the Perl script itself
> running on our web server, or the libraries and programs called from
> the Perl script?

The script.

> The Perl script itself is not included in the current distribution,
> but we can include it in the future release.

So, it will also be GPL/LGPL, correct?

> Finally, our software does not require special fonts.  For the Arabic
> script, it can use any OpenType fonts, and any Unicode-encoded fonts
> with Arabic representation forms.  I put a screenshot rendered with a
> bitmap font: <http://www.m17n.org/ntakahas/tmpdir/bitmap.png>

Including TTF fonts? Sorry, not much familiar with font formats ;-)

Ossama Khayat

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