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Re: [mule-aist:01306] Re: Fwd: Re: a software library for multilingualisation

Ossama Khayat writes:

>> I installed the Riwaj.ttf font for the demonstration program.  Now you
>> can see the TAH letter rendered correctly.

> Excellent :D
> Two questions (sorry if they are dumb ones):
> 1. Are there any special fonts _only_ that can be used with this script?
> 2. What's the license for this script - at least when it comes to production?

What do you mean by 'this script'?  Do you mean the Perl script itself
running on our web server, or the libraries and programs called from
the Perl script?

The libraries and programs are distributed under LGPL.  You can
download them from <http://www.m17n.org/m17n-lib/donwload.htm>.

The Perl script itself is not included in the current distribution,
but we can include it in the future release.

Finally, our software does not require special fonts.  For the Arabic
script, it can use any OpenType fonts, and any Unicode-encoded fonts
with Arabic representation forms.  I put a screenshot rendered with a
bitmap font: <http://www.m17n.org/ntakahas/tmpdir/bitmap.png>

ntakahas at m17n dot org