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Re: Farahidi - huh ?

--- Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> --- Abdulaziz Al-Arfaj <alarfaj0 at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> > Is this explanation satisfactory? Or is it still confusing? I'll
> put a
> > better one on the README and NEWS files soon.
> Sounds fine.  Do please populate the above mentioned files.

Ok, I added all sorts of info to the README file. I also added a
ChangeLog file. Will the ChangeLog file replace the need for a NEWS
file or is that still needed?

> > > Do also note a TODO section in case there might be those
> interested
> > > in helping out.

Added a section to the README file. Will put stuff in it as soon as I
visualize something concrete.

> Ouch - sounds like the "facilitator" that helped you import all of
> this
> messed-up in double checking your work ;-)  Do please get the missing
> files uploaded and corrected (the encoding is still odd).  We should
> continue to strive to have functional (or semi-functional) code in

At the moment its a shade below semi-functional. Will try my best to
bring it to functionality. I have a grievance though. The Duali README
file makes little attempt to explain what it does or _how_ it does it

There is a small, a very small chance, that we might end up duplicating
work. I dont speak Python so I cant really tell if Duali uses any form
of conjugation in its work. Mohammad?


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