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Re: [Bidi] Internationalized Resource Identifires (IRI)

On Yaum al-Sabt 05 Rajab 1425 10:31, Nadim Shaikli wrote:

> Having gone through the examples in section-4.4, the only response
> I can give is that this is VERY confusing and doesn't seem "expected".
> I had always hoped that the transformation would go along the following
> lines when it comes to URLs/IRIs,
>  logical: http://ab.TSOHYM.MOC/ij/kl/mn/op.html
>  visual : http://ab.MYHOST.COM/ij/kl/mn/op.html
> granted that in reading the URL/IRI it would seem backwards, but I'd
> guess that alot more people would feel more appropriate with it this
> way since the format of the URL is now so ubiquitous.  In other words,
> people have gotten used to using the '.' and '/' as delimiters of sorts
> to where each entry/string is a self-contained block/paragraph.
> Example 3 really shows what I mean further - I would have guessed this
> would be more sensible to do,
> instead of
> I seem to have an issue with their explanation, for instance, in
> example-5 in which they note,
>  ''After "http://ab.cd."; one reads the RTL block "E-F-slash-G-H",
>    which corresponds to the logical representation.''
> due to the fact that I think the slash is a big enough delimiter
> that most would argue that the shear "sound" of it is not as
> important as how their eye perceives the URL/IRI due to the
> aforementioned customary delineation.
> I am alone in thinking this or is this simply too new for some
> (ie. me) to fully comprehend and get used to just yet ?

If only you will give your examples in real Arabic characters, too (in 
addition of using logical/visual method). I believe 
others would interact and respond much better.

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