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Re: [Bidi] Internationalized Resource Identifires (IRI)

--- Behnam Esfahbod <behnam at esfahbod dot info> wrote:
> You may be interested in bidi-related issues in this page: 
> http://www.w3.org/International/iri-edit

Having gone through the examples in section-4.4, the only response
I can give is that this is VERY confusing and doesn't seem "expected".

I had always hoped that the transformation would go along the following
lines when it comes to URLs/IRIs,

 logical: http://ab.TSOHYM.MOC/ij/kl/mn/op.html
 visual : http://ab.MYHOST.COM/ij/kl/mn/op.html

granted that in reading the URL/IRI it would seem backwards, but I'd
guess that alot more people would feel more appropriate with it this
way since the format of the URL is now so ubiquitous.  In other words,
people have gotten used to using the '.' and '/' as delimiters of sorts
to where each entry/string is a self-contained block/paragraph.

Example 3 really shows what I mean further - I would have guessed this
would be more sensible to do,


instead of 


I seem to have an issue with their explanation, for instance, in
example-5 in which they note,

 ''After "http://ab.cd."; one reads the RTL block "E-F-slash-G-H",
   which corresponds to the logical representation.''

due to the fact that I think the slash is a big enough delimiter
that most would argue that the shear "sound" of it is not as
important as how their eye perceives the URL/IRI due to the
aforementioned customary delineation.

I am alone in thinking this or is this simply too new for some
(ie. me) to fully comprehend and get used to just yet ?


 - Nadim

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