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Re: [Bidi] Internationalized Resource Identifires (IRI)

--- Munzir Taha <munzirtaha at newhorizons dot com dot sa> wrote:
> On Yaum al-Sabt 05 Rajab 1425 10:31, Nadim Shaikli wrote:

> > Example 3 really shows what I mean further - I would have guessed this
> > would be more sensible to do,
> >
> >
> > instead of
> >
> If only you will give your examples in real Arabic characters, too (in 
> addition of using logical/visual method). I believe 
> others would interact and respond much better.

I'm not sure how it would have come-out since your brower's/mailor's Bidi
might have interacted and displayed something not intended.  All the Bidi
docs and references use this format (capitals denote a Bidi character such
as Arabic).  As noted I'm not sure we have any say now in how things are
done, but this is yet another lesson for us to not sit on our posteriors
and instead get involved in the various standards committees.


 - Nadim

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