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Re: CVS: ae_admin/irc irc.summary_jul2004

On Yaum al-Khamees 03 Rajab 1425 08:18, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> --- Munzir Taha <munzirtaha at newhorizons dot com dot sa> wrote:
> > On Yaum al-Arbi'a 02 Rajab 1425 10:14, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> > > Update of /home/arabeyes/cvs/ae_admin/irc
> > >
> > > Added Files:
> > > 	irc.summary_jul2004
> >
> > <quote>
> > - A few people point out that OpenOffice.org requires libfreetype to be
> >    installed for it to support Arabic and ask if Mandrake could automate
> >    its installation along with the checking/enabling of the checkbox in
> >    openoffice options that enables Complex Text Layouts (all to be done
> >    automatically).
> > </quote>
> >

> The quote above is noted in the summary simple to note what was discussed,
> no editorializing was made - so I simply stuck to the facts noted to convey
> what was discussed and what was TODO'ed :-)

Nadim, I've just checked the log it says:

"yes, we  have to install libfreetype with the truetype byte interpreter 
enabled for OOo to be able to render arabic correctly"

I get confused because you dropped the statement of 'truetype byte 
interpreter'. It's this that Uniball asked for.

> I've voted for all the bugs, but I continue to have problems with OO.o and
> being able to login to vote - will try again...  Thanks for up-keeping that
> bugs page btw.

Yes, thanks you have done a great job by pushing this and hope you can solve 
your problem soon.

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