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Re: ITL notes/comments

--- Ahmed El-Mahmoudy <aelmahmoudy at users dot sourceforge dot net> wrote:
> > This seems a bit outside the scope of the library.  You should be
> > able to write a simple application (or a script even) that can parse
> > ipraytime's output and generate you any remind of your choosing.  If
> > you, or others are willing to create a useful generic tool that would
> > do that I don't see why we can't bundle it with ITL's next release.
> > If none do that, I'll try to look into it when time allows.
> ok, I did a reminder program in perl, I am still testing it. Anyways,
> it is also attached with this email "ipremind.pl" more suggestions:

I'll look into that in the next few days - thanks.

> 1. why aren't those projects (like BiCon & ITL) not advertised
>    on freshmeat ? I remember that Qur'an project is advertised there.

That's partly (or largely :-) my fault - I'll be adding it and a number
of other projects soon to freshmeat under Arabeyes' umbrella soon.

> 2. make ipraytime read from stdin if file in --file argument is '-'.

It already reads a "~/.iprayrc" file - you might want to double-check
the manpage (ipraytime.1).

Thamer, while on the topic - any progress on the manpage for the entire
library ?


 - Nadim

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