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Re: u2ps - Is there any Arabic mail archives?

--- Yukihiro Nakai <ynakai at redhat dot com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm developing i18n text/mail printing filter like a2ps at
> http://bonobo.gnome.gr.jp/~nakai/u2ps/
> And now 0.0.2 released with Arabic shaping and Bidi support.

I really like the output as PDF as it seems so clean. Anway, for what it's
worth, here are some comments:
- Letters are borken on harakat (tashkeel or umlaut).
- Words at the end of the line are broken into separate lines, i.e. last one
two letters that don't fit on the same line, are put separately on a new line.
- In the title up, the Arabic word 'April' has not shaping at all.

Other than this, it's really cool.

> For further development and support, I need thousand of real mails written in
> real Arabic.
> I've seen several Arabic sites but cannot follow Arabic links to find Arabic
> mailing lists.
> Could anyone know the nice site I can get them?

Sorry, I don't know of any list ;|

Ossama Khayat

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