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Re: Prayer update (and I'm back!)

--- Thamer Mahmoud <neokuwait at myrealbox dot com> wrote:
> Sorry for the hiatus. My "trip" took longer than expected, and
> after a long absence, more catching up on many things had to be
> done. :/

You scared the living lights out of me :-)  Your email was bouncing
and I got the shivers again (I get 'em anytime someone disappears -
I have "fear of abandonment" issues :-)  In any regard, welcome back
and please do stick around no matter what :-)

> From what I understand, these are the tasks that needs to be dealt
> with at the moment. If needed, please update me on this and let me
> know of any other tasks.
> ** The libitl man-page: I will work on it as promised and have
>    something ready in the next few days Inshallah.
> ** "prayer.c" cleanup: The intention of this is to make the
>    implementation easier to understand as well as to deal with similar
>    issues raised by Ayman Negm in an older post of his. Thanks Ayman.
>    http://lists.arabeyes.org/archives/developer/2004/March/msg00246.html
> ** Write a TODO list for future improvements.
> As always, this is a good time for everyone's feedback. Any
> suggestions or comments regarding the prayer code are highly
> appreciated.

I think you captured everything there is to capture (well done).
I do know of one bug of recent days relating to the recent DayLight
time change - ipraytime (outside your immediate scope I guess) doesn't
take that into account automatically yet (FYI).

PS: I gotta be honest, once a couple of my mails to you bounced I
    contacted our "hunt him and bring him back" department (Ossama K :-)
    to go find out your where-abouts.  So if you see odd phone numbers
    on your mobile that's probably him (you guys should meet anyways :-)

BTW: Thanks Ossama ;-)


 - Nadim

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