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Re: Developer Guide (in effect)

On ث, 2004-04-13 at 08:38, Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:
> The current guide is a lot more liberal than what we started out with
> and so should not be a problem. Most of what is expected for the
> majority of the currently hosted projects is a flood of cvs commits that
> consist of comments on the code.

Thanks for the new developer guide. It is liberal, so I expect that
there will be no problems for autoconfiscators.

More importantly, any new projects (like adawat) should try to use
autotools as soon as possible. Things get much more complicated when the
project gets larger.
Speaking about adawat, is this really an unmaintained project, that is,
does not need a maintainer?

<rantings> I dream of the day when there is no autotools. The world will
be a brighter place.</rantings>

Muhammad Alkarouri