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Developer Guide (in effect)


After several changes and outcries from different developers, the
Developer Guide [1] is now declared in effect. That is, from now on, all
projects residing on Arabeyes should comply with the guide.

For project maintainers, this means that no future releases are to be
made until full-compliance is ensured with the guide. Projects are given
until May 14, 2004 to comply with the guide. 

The current guide is a lot more liberal than what we started out with
and so should not be a problem. Most of what is expected for the
majority of the currently hosted projects is a flood of cvs commits that
consist of comments on the code.

P.S. Of course there are autotool-less projects like Bayani that need to
add that support ;)

Mohammed Elzubeir

[1] http://www.arabeyes.org/download/documents/guide/developer-guide-en/