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Re: we need a new arabbix release

Hello Mohammed:

Well you are in luck :)

Arabbix 0.8.1 is gonna be out in less than a week. April 13th is the deadline. I have alot of fixes in it and upgrades.. yo gonna like it.

Unfortunately, it does not have GNOME 2.6 (this should be out with the Arabbix 0.9 release).

The HD installer is suppose to be fixed (from the morphix tree) and a few other glitches.

What I am looking for is testers on as many windows hardware as possible especially using the HD installers.

Please let me know.

Also, this time I want to distribute the test releases using rsync so you download the image once then sumply get the updates to speed testing.

What do you think.

There is alot of work needed for Arabbix 0.9 that I am formulating and will share once 0.8.1. is out. I would most definitely need and love to work wit you on it.



Mohammed Sameer wrote:
salam anmar,
As you noticed, we'll arrange an install feast, there'll be live CDs
to demonstrate and give away. Arabbix is the 1st of them, but as you
know, arabbix have some remaining issues.
Now we need a new release, and i'm ready to help as much as I can,
I'm a debian guy as you know, And I've remastered morphix once.
But please please please this must be done :|