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Re: we need a new arabbix release

On Thu, 08 Apr 2004 10:58:28 -0700, Anmar Oueja wrote:
> Hello Mohammed:
> Well you are in luck :)
> Arabbix 0.8.1 is gonna be out in less than a week. April 13th is the
> deadline. I have alot of fixes in it and upgrades.. yo gonna like it.
> Unfortunately, it does not have GNOME 2.6 (this should be out with the
> Arabbix 0.9 release).
> The HD installer is suppose to be fixed (from the morphix tree) and a
> few other glitches.
I would be glad to test the new releases as they come.


PS: i don't know how that rsync thingie works, can you point me to a good man?

> What I am looking for is testers on as many windows hardware as possible
> especially using the HD installers.
> Please let me know.
> Also, this time I want to distribute the test releases using rsync so
> you download the image once then sumply get the updates to speed testing.
> What do you think.
> There is alot of work needed for Arabbix 0.9 that I am formulating and
> will share once 0.8.1. is out. I would most definitely need and love to
> work wit you on it.
> Cheers..
> Anmar
> Mohammed Sameer wrote:
>> salam anmar,
>> As you noticed, we'll arrange an install feast, there'll be live CDs
>> to demonstrate and give away. Arabbix is the 1st of them, but as you
>> know, arabbix have some remaining issues.
>> Now we need a new release, and i'm ready to help as much as I can,
>> I'm a debian guy as you know, And I've remastered morphix once.
>> But please please please this must be done :|
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Omar Abo-Namous, merlin12345 at gmx dot de on 08.04.2004