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Re: Vim Arabic patch update needed

On Mon, Jan 06, 2003 at 01:00:21AM -0500, Steve Hall wrote:
> I'm not asking for updates at each Vim patch... I just need a current
> snapshot to test. If I can make binaries available with it, we could
> generate much more feedback. Bram is understandably concerned about
> adding significant code changes without testing, especially in the
> larger community and across multiple platforms.

Nadim is on vacation now and he won't be back in action to do any
vim hacking until a few weeks. In the meantime, I can try to updated,
if you can give me a timeframe to work with.

> I prefer chicken-and-egg -- without testing, no inclusion; without
> inclusion, no patch updates. Somebody has to give a little. ;) I think
> Bram has opened the door to including it contingent on more feedback.
> [..]
> All I can do is promise to include your patch in our binaries and not
> update them without it. When Windows users start clamoring for more
> current patch levels from us, we then have some leverage to explain
> why your patch should be official. We can also be another source for
> downloading it and explaining our goal. I'll also see about getting
> some Unix RPMs rolled with it, too.

It's understood -- it is simply that we would have liked to see a faster
development cycle for VIM than it currently is. Over a year for a patch
of this kind is a long time for what is essentially a text editor. However,
since neither we nor you are directly involved we will just have to
do with ;) We very much appreciate your offer to help and we will certainly
like to have our users try it out on their Win32 platforms.

Do I just consider all the patches available here:
applicable? ie. do I assume they are all 'official'?

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