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Re: Re: Re: Arabic vim patch

on 2/18/2003 5:34 PM Antoine J. Mechelynck said the following:
> digitect at mindspring dot com wrote:
> >
> > My issues have been all font.
> Well, under Win98SE 4.10.2222 I have monospace Arabic glyphs under
> Courier New...

I'll make a note. Anybody else have success with an earlier version of
Windows? (Email me off list if you're embarrassed to say here. ;)

> Currently the fullest version of vim that works on my system is gvim
> 6.1.320 -p303 +w32 +ole +arabic -- if you can understand my shorthand :-).

Tony, you're sure patch 303 causes the problem? Our straight 6.1.320+
binary fails for you? (Remember our page has two .320 binaries--one
with the Arabic patch and one without.) I'm not experiencing any
difficulties here on WinXP with 303, so I'd just like to make sure.

Steve Hall  [ <digitect>AT<mindspring>DOT<com> ]