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Re: Re: Arabic vim patch

digitect at mindspring dot com wrote:
> My issues have been all font. Win95 has nothing utf-8 compatible, and
> WinXP installs only Courier New as a utf-8 compatible font. Nothing
> else (even my favorite, Andale Mono) works. I revised our tips here in
> case anybody else wants to try this:
>   http://cream.sourceforge.net/vim.html#patches
> --
> Steve Hall  [ digitect at mindspring dot com ]

Well, under Win98SE 4.10.2222 I have monospace Arabic glyphs under Courier
New, beeyootiful glyphs under Traditional Arabic, and another set of nice
Arabic glyphs under Arabic Transparent, which are copied under Arial, Times
New Roman and maybe more. Of all these, only Courier New is monospace (so
the others are not for gvim but can be used in IE, WordPad, etc.) Also, it
may be that International Support and/or Arabic Language are needed for
these fonts to support Arabic. (Available online from Microsoft using the
"Windows Update" tool in IE).

Currently the fullest version of vim that works on my system is gvim
6.1.320 -p303 +w32 +ole +arabic -- if you can understand my shorthand :-).