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Re: Re: Arabic vim patch

on 2/18/2003 3:35 PM Antoine J. Mechelynck said the following:
> I agree; but I suppose someone else than me will have to do it,
> since it involves a lot of compilations and I haven't got the
> software for it. Let's hope the vim developers soon find where the
> problem lies and how to solve it, ma`a sha'llah.

WHOOHOO!! I finally see Vim presenting Arabic on Windows!


This with the 6.1.320 binary file we uploaded 2003-02-15. (Not the one
today, patch 303 apparently isn't a problem for me.)

My issues have been all font. Win95 has nothing utf-8 compatible, and
WinXP installs only Courier New as a utf-8 compatible font. Nothing
else (even my favorite, Andale Mono) works. I revised our tips here in
case anybody else wants to try this:


Steve Hall  [ digitect at mindspring dot com ]