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Re: Arabic vim patch

Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> I would consequently suggest the following,
>  1. Review the comments/intent on all the patches,
>      a. Those that haven't been accepted yet (not part of Vim's CVS)
>      b. The official patches (301 - 320)
>     to see if any address the problem area or touch it.
>  2. If #1 doesn't reveal any suspects, do a binary search on the
>     patches by testing them.  In other words, test 310 and see if
>     there are any problems if no, then test 315; if 310 exhibited
>     the problem go to 305, etc until you narrow it down.

I agree; but I suppose someone else than me will have to do it, since it
involves a lot of compilations and I haven't got the software for it. Let's
hope the vim developers soon find where the problem lies and how to solve
it, ma`a sha'llah.