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Re: libquran and searching

On Sunday 09 February 2003 13:06, Ahmad Kamal wrote:
> Dear all,
> 	I've been talking for a few days now with Mohammed Damt. I wanted to add
> (search the quran feature) to libquran. He told me someone has already
> implemented search functionality. I don't actually see any search functions
> in the source code?!
Please check out libquran CVS module and use that (not the released version)
> So, if it doesn't exist, I'd be happy to add it, if it does, is there any
> other function missing in libquran?
> Please suggest a task for me, I would prefer a simple task as a start for
> me.
Okay, the next task is a simple one :-)
Just search this mailing-list archives for 'Warsh' and then feel free to
continue discussing that.

Mohammed Yousif
"She is in my mind and soul, I love her with all my heart and blood".
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