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Re: The Qura'n Project, status and call for help!

On Saturday 08 February 2003 07:16, Ossama Khayaat wrote:
> Alhamdo-Li-Allah finally someone is working on the font (sorry I
> couldn't figure
> out how). It's really important that you document step by step how
> you're doing so
> I can maybe help in coming font sets for Linux in General.
> >     - Other symbols that is used in copying the Qur'an
> >       texts (Sajda, Robeh Hezb Start, Imala, aya numbers, ...etc)
> Actually, the callygraphar didn't put all the signs because he didn't
> have them all. But I can
> again go back to him and bring all the signs or extra letter you need so
> I can complete my
> work at least :)
Thanks, I will provide you with the remaining symbols then later :-)
> Also, about Aya numbers, do you think there's a way we can create the
> fonts in a way
> that makes numbers go inside the Symbol rather than creating 286
> different numbers needed
> for all Aya numbers?
There is a good (and simple) way to do that.
First, there will be two symbols for the opening and the closing bracket
of the verse number.
Second, the digits from 0 to 9 should be written with two complementary
symbols below and above them that when used beside the brackets will form
the verse number symbol and when used beside another digit will extend to
include the two digits and form one symbol
An example:
-   -   - 
0  1   2  ...etc              ------>digits
-   -   -

{                      ------> opening bracket

}                      ------> closing bracket

|  -- |
{ 31 }                      ------> full verse number symbol
|  -- |

> Well, I guess some fonts are UTF-8 and others aren't I'll double check
> anyway.
> About the license, I can try to ask him if you like?
I think Nadim is going to do so as I noticed that in the latest core meeting

Thanks Ossama
Mohammed Yousif
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