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Re: mined/mlterm ligature joining

--- Thomas Wolff <mined towo net> wrote:
[snip snip]
> > It sounds to me like either a compile problem or a setup issue.  mlterm
> > is solid and I'm (and have been) using it on a daily basis (as are many
> > others).
> Could you send me screenshot with combining accents?
> And please send me a Solaris binary, maybe that resolves any 
> misconfiguration.

OK, I'll send you mlterm's binary off-line (ie. outside the
scope of the mailing-list :-)

> > OK, I'm attaching two screenshots
> >  1. with the older mined-2000.6 (from your website)
> >  2. with the newer mined-2000.6 (you mailed)
> > 
> > Mind you the newer version reacts worse (the combining characters
> > are no longer combined - both upon entry and upon display).
> Oh, actually, I think to have found the problem. I see from your 
> screenshot that mined does not assume the terminal has the 
> combining character feature (the combining/separated mode flag just 
> right to the Unicode "U" flag is missing).
> I think I had actually suggested before that you not use the -U option 
> but rather configure your environment appropriately to indicate UTF-8.
> This is done by setting the environment variable LC_CTYPE to something 
> that ends on ".UTF-8". Or if LC_ALL exists, that must end on ".UTF-8".
> Then -U is not needed (and would actually have the reverse effect as it 
> toggles; I have tweaked options to be able to tell mined for sure 
> it has a UTF-8 and also combining terminal, but that's not available 
> in the version you have).
> So please try the following:
> $ LC_CTYPE="whatever.UTF-8" mined -poX file

I don't have a UTF-8 locale available nor am I able to install one.
The -U, as noted and as was discussed before, was supposed to remedy
situations exactly as the one I'm facing, no ?  If not, I would
continue to suggest giving the user the ability to force a UTF-8
locale upon mined command-line.


 - Nadim

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